Get the answers for the most frequently asked questions.

What is PresenceDB?

PresenceDB tracks the playtime of your Discord activities.

What is a Presence?

A Presence is the section on your Discord profile which shows what you are doing (example).

Why can't I find my profile?

In order for us to track your profile you have to log in. We will take care of the rest.

How can I stop you from tracking me?

If you don't want to get tracked anymore and remove your profile from our website, simply leave our Discord Server. If you change your mind just log in again and your profile will get restored to its original state.

What is a Record?

A Record is what we store in our database in order to generate statistics. A Record consists of the time you played an activity and its corresponding activity and user id.

Why are my stats not up to date?

Because calculating the statistics is a heavy task, we refresh them periodically at different intervals. This is why your stats are not always up to date. However, records are always up to date.